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As I might have mentioned, the PS3 game Ni No Kuni is somehow our waiting ritual. I borrowed it from [personal profile] fusselbiene and [profile] gaharr explicitly for the time when I was stuck home the last few weeks and as [profile] khamura also likes it, we both play it every evening - mostly he slashes monsters while I watch.

Yesterday we hit the point in the game where you should go and grin and collect and polish your armor because the last dungeon with the endboss (or rather bosses, as it's a JRPG) wait. Coincidentally I have hit the same stage of pregnancy now.

Would you have asked me last week, I'd be dead sure that Sheeplet would arrive around her estimated due date. From my gut feeling I'd said, one week at least. The baby was still lying rather high in my belly, except small contractions no sign of the end phase.

That rather changed on Sunday. I don't know if it was her time anyway or if it was the day itself, a rather stress- and eventful one. We picked up the bed for the baby made by my awesome crafty friends E. and B. in Dortmund who already helped us tons with the degu cage and visited [profile] khamura's auntie who lives only one town further. Due to a 8 km traffic jam, bad roads and failing GPS (IDK why but Ruhrpott eats GPS signals for some point) I had to endure a three hour bumpy car ride. Family visits where his aunt and sister meet are usually very emotional and while I think it's great they always have a kind of carthargic influence this time it was just a bit too much for me and I had to unwind in a long talk with [profile] khamura when we finally were home late in the evening.

Sheeplet did not like it. As I noticed before, she gets twitchy at long car rides and the bad streets virtually shook her up. I also had small contractions all evening so she hardly could calm down for sleep. When I got up on Monday after a rather restless night, having to get up several times for a bathroom visit, my body feeling had ...changed. Some other physical things happened which first worried me but a short telephone talk to my midwife confirmed: nothing worrying - but it could be the sign for the end phase. Fortunately I had a doctor appointment right the next day.

When [profile] khamura came home from work two things were immediately clear for me: I wanted him to help me with cleaning the flat and prepare the last things for the baby's arrival and asked him to stay home the next day for this reason. I could not explain why, it was simply a strong signal: Don't let him leave. And clean the bathroom ;) We started to declutter a bit and [profile] khamura put up a new hook for towels in the bathroom, something we wanted to do for weeks. I had already washed the last things for my hospital bag and we folded and put away the last baby clothes. I felt a bit better.

The night was calm but the next morning I got up at 8:30 and started with a thorough cleaning of the flat  immediately. A definite change, as the last days I hardly could muster up to move myself from the couch to empty the dishwasher. [profile] khamura helped me and together we worked ourselves through the rooms until it was time doctor's appointment at midday.

I got hooked to the CVG and listened to Sheeplet's strong, regular heartbeats, wondering what the results of the check-up later would be.

It confirmed everything my intuition told me. I won't go into details - if you were pregnant you know them and if you will be pregnant, you will get told them - but physically basically all signs are on green now. Both midwife and doctor said, it doesn't mean it HAS to happen RIGHT NOW but it is rather unlikely that Sheeplet will stay in there for her estimated date. "We're going to give you another check-up date for next Tuesday just in case," the doctor said, "but somehow I don't think you won't need it". And that's just what my gut feeling tells me, too.

"Are you nervous?" my mom asked (very nervously ;) ) on the phone and yes, I certainly am somewhat but the first feeling was relief,  because I can trust my body to tell me what's up, which was: don't worry, the baby is okay, but do get those documents prepared and hey, you still need to fetch [ITEM] from the drugstore for the hospital bag and didn't you want to clean the windows?

So when we got home, I first had a nap and then we fired the missiles continued the last preparations for Sheeplet's arrival.

As usual, you need to login to LJ-Scrapbook to see the pictures. Sorry.

Picspam )

Sheeplet herself was estimated to weigh 3,5 - 3,7 kg now - all average. On the ultrasound there was hardly any space anymore and she looked very cramped. No wonder she's preparing for the big journey. I think she simply is fed up with being squashed and shaken around ;)

Now dinner and then [profile] khamura and me will travel to Castle Nevermore.


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